Unable to view my cesium asset

Unable to view any of my custom assets in cesium. Can anybody help?
Example: Cesium ion

We’ll need more information to help your specific case. Without knowing the details, here’s a list of things you can check:

  1. Check if the Cesium for Unity Samples work for you
  2. Check if basic assets like Cesium World Terrain and Cesium OSM Buildings show up in your project.
  3. Check if your project’s default token is set properly.
  4. Check if your token has access to reading your custom asset.

All of the points are true for me. The only issue is that my custom assets don’t work for me.

Logging selection stats shows the following for each of my assets:
Visited 1, Culled Visited 1, Rendered 1, Culled 0, Max Depth Visited 0, Loading-Worker 0, Loading-Main 0 Total Tiles Resident 1, Frame 1
Maybe this could help.

We can only guess without knowing the details of your cust assets, but here’s another guess: are you assets perhaps not georeferenced? If they’re not, Cesium will be showing them in the center of the Earth. You can georeference them (meaning: give them a location on the globe) in the Cesium ion UI.

Double-checking your asset in the Unity hierarchy should take you there, even if there is at the center of the Earth. Have you tried that? Precision and lighting problems there might make for a glitchy visualization, but you should see something.

What sort of source data did you start with, anyway? Any what tiling options did you use? Do the assets show up properly in CesiumJS?

If I export and upload the asset here, will you able to provide a solution that is specific to that asset?

Hello, sometimes I notice that double clicking on a tile won’t take you to the mesh. If you know the Latitude Longitude of the dataset, I would recommend changing the Georeference to that location and see if that will trigger loading tiles.

Hope this helps.

We’d appreciate it if you could try the suggestions above first. Downloading and trying out users’ tilesets is a pretty big time sink for us, and takes away time we could be spending making Cesium for Unity better.