No tiles appear when loading in assets

Hello everyone!

I’m quite new at UE, and I have run into some problems, it might be something minor that you might know.

I have installed the Cesium Plugin but i am not able to import any of the assets into my project, even the standard assets (OSM buildings, bing roads etc.)

The asset that i have uploaded is a 3D mesh:

And it can be seen here that Cesium recognizes it and that it has been placed correctly.

I can find all of my assets in UE and import them as well. And it seems that everything is ok with the access token:

Yet nothing pops up in my project, whether is my own tile or the cesium world terrain:

I double clicked to “fly” to objects:

I could definitely use some help :slight_smile:


@TangoMango have you tried following the instructions in the Quickstart Guide?

Those are the steps i have followed, yes.
I tried redoing it from the start, but it seems like nothing happens at step 5.

When adding the cesium world terrain, nothing shows up. Elements are added to the project, but they are not visible. I have made sure that the access token has all permissions.


Hi @TangoMango,

Can you see if Kevin’s reply on another forum thread solves your problem?

I managed to solve the issue, not sure how. Tried to do the setup on another PC and it worked perfectly…

Now I am struggling with some georeferencing stuff, maybe you can help :slight_smile:

I am exporting FBX files from Bentley Context Capture, I have tried exporting the files in local reference system (DKTM2, Danish, EPSG:4094) and in ECEF (EPSG:4978), when using the DKTM system i still manually have to place the 3D mesh (adjust tilset location) and when using the files exported in ECEF I get a warning which tells me that I have to use local coordinates.

I have quite a lot of tiles, and I do not want to place them by hand, that will for sure be misaligned. Is there a guide for this somewhere or do you have any pro tips?


You should post that one to the Cesium ion forum, as the people in that forum may be able to give you a better answer:

I think the best solution will be along the line of exporting ECEF coordinates but with a local origin, rather than the center of the Earth. Then you may need to type that origin into Cesium ion, but at least you don’t need to move the tileset manually. The fundamental problem is that FBX is not a georeferenced format. I’m not familiar enough with Context Capture to say specifically how to do this, though.


I’ll give it a shot. Thanks!

Just be sure, what you are proposing is to:

  • Create a model in for example OBJ or FBX
  • place it in its correct position in the software, but when exporting the files the data is shifted closer to 0,0,0(XYZ)
  • Take the same offset that the data is shifted with, and add it into cesium? (Also, where do i enter this? i only see the option of adding latitude and longitude as a placement point)

Yes, something like that. You can convert ECEF coordinates to longitude/latitude/height using any number of tools. Here’s how to do it with CesiumJS in Sandcastle: