A tileset that is added to the scene is not rendered

Cesium for Unreal new01


Add my asset data(tiles), then scene don’t show loaded data but added gizmo’s show that can be located, is it right?


The tileset may be at a different location on the earth than the scene view camera. Try focusing on the tileset by pressing “f” in the scene view with the tileset selected, or double-clicking the tileset in the Outliner. If it still isn’t showing up, there may be an issue with the model, or you may need to double-check the asset ID or URL in the Details panel for your tileset actor.

I meet the same problem, the model(3dtiles) can render conrectly by cesiumJS + browser, but can not render in cesium for unreal, i checked that the url is conrect, i do not kown what happened here.


There are some steps that can be taken here:

  • If the asset is publicly available, then it would be great if you could share it, so that others can test it locally
  • If this is not possible: Can you provide more information about the asset? For example:
    • Is an asset that was created with Cesium ion? If so, can you share the asset ID?
    • Was the asset created with another tool? If so: Which tool was used to create the asset?
  • Are there any error messages or warnings printed to the Unreal Log console?

Hello, l meet the same problem. My asset ID is 425591 and l also emailed. l tried to figure out the problem. And find out that the class of CesiumGltfComponent read the correct data and the Cesium3DtTiles initialize successfully which proved that my file’s format is correct(The Output message shows no errors). And in the future l may focus on the coordinates and the way of rendering. l look foward to fixing this problem with your team.

I’m having a similar issue with a local 3d tileset (I wonder if it’s the same?). If I upload the same tileset to Cesium Ion and load it to unreal from Ion, it works fine. But when reading the same tileset locally I get the following errors:

Does Cesium Ion do any postprocessing to the tileset? Or does the parsing of local file happen differently than those from ion? Any idea what might be wrong?
Thank you!