3d tiles are not displayed in the viewer

Dear support, I am currently trying to load a 3D tileset as a .json file in Unreal Engine version 4.27.2. I’ve tried both ion and url. The plane is also shown to me in the world outliner and if I zoom to the layer, the correct location is also shown to me, but the 3D data is not displayed in the viewer. So I only see the Bing Maps template in the right place but not my file

LogCesium: Error: [2023-06-13 10:48:51.016] [error] [TilesetContentManager.cpp:946] An unexpected error occurs when loading tile: Connection failed.

how the tiles look in VCPublisher:

what my interface looks like

Are there any messages in the Output Log?

yes a lot

Looks like it’s not happy with your URLs, probably because of the backslashes. Try changing them to forward slashes. See here:

Thank you very much. It works now