Asset 1 not working ( Layer Cannot Found )

Cesium ion asset 1 not working.

I have the same problem. Everything in the sandcastle gallery that uses this asset is reporting the same problem. It must be down temporarily?

I am getting this as well… even went to the cesium site and created a new story, got the same error:

Same error for me. I am using Cesium in Unity.

Hi Everyone

Thanks for sharing this issue and we apologize for the inconvinience. We’re able to replicate it and are investigating.

We’ll share updates on this thread as we make progress on resolving it.

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Hello again everyone, as of approximately 15 minutes ago, the issue was addressed and all assets are working. If you are still seeing issues, please let us know.

While we’re confident the issue is resolved, we’ll continue to monitor the situation to ensure continued service.

Thank you

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Thanks for your response, its working now.