Cesium Get v1/assets but returning 404 error

In the former topic(Cesium v1/assets endpoints returning 404 error), I have known that we should subscribed to the corresponding assets, but in Cesium-Sandcastle-3Dtiles, some Ion IonResource, such as AssetId(5737), AssetId(8564) and so on, I cannot subscribe to those. So how to fix that?

Besides, an interesting truth is that few weeks ago I can afford to that without accesstoken, and now it doesn’t work with or withour accesstoken.


Thanks for your question. As a test, can you please visit this Sandcastle and let me know if you see the model?


Please let us know. If you can see the model there but are running into an issue in your own Sandcastles, it would be helpful if you could share a Sandcastle illustrating the problem you are describing.