Tilling is finished but 404 error

The assets with the following IDs have been successfully converted and are listed in the dashboard list, but when I try to view them, I get a 404 error. Do you know if the error occurred during the conversion process or how it happened?


If there was an error during processing, that error would show up in the details panel for the asset.

Can you provide more information about how you are trying to view the assets? Is this in the ion site details panel, sandcastle, or another application? If this isn’t in the ion viewer, can you provide the URLs you are trying to access, or a link to the sandcastle? That will help us investigate further


At first I noticed an error in my own application.

I can see the assets from https://ion.cesium.com/assets and I don’t see any errors on right side panel.
But when I try to see actual asset in viewer from Open complete code example on the right panel, It shows 404 error in console.


Thank you for providing this info. That is not something we expect to happen. Our team is looking into this.

  • Can you let us know what country you are located in?
  • Is this error happening immediately after tiling? Does the asset later start to work at a later time?\
  • Can you capture a HAR file. See instructions on how to create a HAR file here.

Please email this information to support@cesium.com.