Dynamic Vector scaling


I am using the Dynamic Vectors in Cesium and have noticed that the Dynamic Vector object doesn't have any scaling support where other dynamic objects like Dynamic Billboard does. Is there any plan to get scaling into the Dynamic Vectors so that the lines can be seen whether you are zoomed int the object or zoomed out from the object.


Hi Peter,

If I’m understanding you correctly, you’re not so much looking for an equivalent of billboard’s “scale” property, but rather you want to draw vectors that have a fixed length and width in pixels on the screen, regardless of the camera position. Is that correct? If so, it’s not currently supported, and it’s not planned to my knowledge, but it’s certainly possible. I’ll have to let some of the other guys speak to the level of effort, though.


Vectors defined in CZML are currently rendered using the PolylineCollection primitive. This was the easiest solution we had at the time support was added, but makes it impossible to implement the feature you’re describing. At some point in the future I would like to re-write the vector visualization to be more flexible and will definitely keep this request in mind when doing so.

One thought I had was to render vectors in 3D using Geometry & Appearances; at that point we may be able to do something with the primitives model matrix to easily scale the size based on camera distance. But this is just me brainstorming, there might be better ways to do it.

I know other people have asked for a similar feature with models (drawing them at constant size until they are at their “real size” based on camera view).