DynamicPawn - Import Metadata from CesiumforUnrealSamples in own Projekt (UE 5.3)

Hello everyone,

I would like to use the metadata function from the CesiumSamples Map 6 in my own existing Unreal project. When I import my data into CesiumSamples for testing purposes, the metadata is displayed in its own window.

BluePrint out of CesiumSamples with DynamicPawn:

When importing the blueprint from the samples into my existing project, the DynamicPwan cannot be transferred (“unkown”), although I have created a DynamicPawn in my Unreal project.

So how do I define the correct DynamicPwan in my level blueprint? Does I have to change the settings of the DynamicPawn in my Map to call it in the blueprint?

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Drag your DynamicPawn from the Outliner in the main UE window into the Blueprint Canvas, then connect it as you see in the original.

Thanks @Kevin_Ring

How can I change the window “Metadaten” settings (maybe MetaDataRow blueprint)? Size and number of rows? In particular, I would like to enlarge the bottom line “attributes” so that the text is displayed with line breaks? Or is it possbible to display only this row “attributes” without the other rows (id, olcs, classid,…)?

Take a look at the two Widget Blueprints in Content/CesiumSamples/Maps/06/MetadataWidgets: WBP_MetadataTable and WBP_MetadataRow. I don’t know exactly how to modify those to meet your application requirements, but those are the Blueprints you’ll need to modify.

As you could see in my last post, the metadata of the buildings can be displayed in my project.
The process and functions for the metadata can be found in the “Level Blueprint”. Now I have tried to create a main menu and then move the metadata query to the corresponding “Widget Blueprint”, which is opened with the digital Twin Map. Unfortunately, the metadata can no longer be accessed with this implementation. Why is it that the metadata retrieval only works in the “Level Blueprint” and not in deeper blueprint levels?

Thanks :slight_smile: