Early testing for the Cesium 1.35 release

Hi all,

Cesium 1.35 will be released next Wednesday, July 5, and we welcome early testing.

This is a huge release with 3D Tiles and the new particle system!

Test it out:

  • zip release
  • npm package
  • or just build the master branch locally
    Please submit issues if you find anything.



Is it Cesium 1.35 installed when i use command 'npm install cesium '?

Congratulations to the team for all their hard work on this release!

Checkout our Getting Started tutorial for help getting the newest release up and running.

Hope that helps,

  • Rachel

guojinshan12388, no the latest official release is what will be installed (currently 1.34), the npm tgz file Patrick linked to would be the way to try the newest release with npm.

That being said, we have thought about publishing pre-releases to npm as well, we just aren’t sure how much interest there would me.