ECI to CZML in MEAN stack?

After a few hours of searching the web, I was wondering if there was an npm or github repo available that does a JSON to JSON from ECI to CZML?

My situation: I have a simple web server (Node/Express), with a bunch of ECI data stored in a Mongo database. I would like to be able to query that data, and display it in Cesium in my front-end UI. My thought was that I can construct the CZML JSON data based on the query, in Node/Express and send the CZML data back in the response to my UI.

Before I go and try to construct something, I thought I would ask the Cesium team first.


Sorry, I don’t know of any tools to do this. If you decide to create your own converter let us know so we can share it out!



FYI, CZML (and Cesium in general) supports ECI positions natively.

In CZML, you can specify “referenceFrame”:“INERTIAL” for position properties.

Have a look at simple.czml in the Apps/SampleData directory (just search for referenceFrame)

If you were talking about propagating a TLE instead, that’s a different story and you would need to use another library.