Edge of Character artifacts on labels, SVG labels, Multiline labels

I noticed there can be edge of character artifacts with labels,
a box around the glyph that can overlap sometimes, cutting adjacent characters off or a box aground the character visible over certain colors

Any thoughts on using a regular billboard with svg?

a quick and dirty example using svg bellow,

var viewer = new Cesium.Viewer('cesiumContainer');
var scene = viewer.scene;

Cesium.SVGLabelCollection = function (params) {
    Cesium.BillboardCollection.call(this, params);

Cesium.SVGLabelCollection.prototype = Object.create(Cesium.BillboardCollection.prototype);
Cesium.SVGLabelCollection.prototype.constructor = Cesium.SVGLabel;

Cesium.SVGLabelCollection.prototype.add = function(svgLabel) {
        var b = new Cesium.SVGLabel(svgLabel, this);
        b._index = this._billboards.length;

        this._createVertexArray = true;
        return b;

Cesium.SVGLabel = function (params, collection) {
    this._text = params.text || "abc123abc" ;
    this._fontSize = params.fontSize || 20;
    this._textLength = String(this._text).length;

    params.image = this._setSvgB64();
    Cesium.Billboard.call(this, params, collection);

Cesium.SVGLabel.prototype = Object.create(Cesium.Billboard.prototype);
Cesium.SVGLabel.prototype.constructor = Cesium.SVGLabel;

Cesium.SVGLabel.prototype._setSvgB64 = function(){
    var svgXml = ['<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?>',
    '<svg width="300px" height="50px" xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2000/svg" xml:space="preserve"> ',
      ' <text x="0" y="15" fill="white" stroke="black" stroke-width="1.5" font-size="', this._fontSize , '" font-weight=" bold" font-family="Verdana">',

    return ( "data:image/svg+xml;base64," + btoa(svgXml) );

Object.defineProperty(Cesium.SVGLabel.prototype, 'text', {
    get: function(){
        return this._text ;
    set: function(value){
        if (!Cesium.defined(value)) {
            throw new DeveloperError('value is required.');
        this._text = value;
        var _b64 = this._setSvgB64();
         Object.getOwnPropertyDescriptor(Cesium.Billboard.prototype, 'image').set.call(this, _b64);

var svgLabels = scene.primitives.add(new Cesium.SVGLabelCollection({ scene: scene }));
var svgLabel = svgLabels.add({
    position: Cesium.Cartesian3.fromDegrees(-75.1641667, 39.9522222, 100) ,
    text: '<tspan dx="0" dy="15">1234 Philadephia 1234</tspan>' +
            '<tspan dx="-200" dy="15">some more text</tspan>'


setTimeout( function(){
        svgLabel.text = "some new text";
    svgLabel.scale = 1.5;

note there is an issue chrome, things seam to work on firefox, where the setter for the text property, and the image rendered, still has the content of the previously rendered icon.

I'm guessing more of this issue:

Yeah, this looks related to that chrome bug.

Just an FYI, I believe the edge of character problem is fixed in master, The workaround we put into Chrome to fix the missing character/label issue also seems to have addressed this problem.