Edit objects in 3D tiles

I have a locally hosted 3D tileset and I want to be able to edit its view (eg: stop displaying a building by ID)
Additionally, I want to know if it is possible to select individual buildings and move them inside the game.
Though this can be achieved if each building is its own separate tile, this is however, a very inefficient way to have buildings.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hello @pratyush1611,

It is not possible to select and move individual buildings from a tileset. Depending on your tileset, you may not be able to edit individual building views, either. However, if your tileset uses the ext_feature_metadata glTF extension, you will be able to style based on metadata such as building ID. This functionality should be included in the next release of the plugin(1.13) at the beginning of May. If your tileset is compatible, you can hide buildings based on their ID.

You can read the changelog for the upcoming release here.

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