Elevation issue for KML format telecom tower data

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We are facing elevation issue of our telecom tower data with cesium terrain. Tower is hanging above the ground.

So, we tried with our own terrain generated for our dataset area. But the published terrain to cesium ion is not proper. How to resolve this issue?

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There’s a couple of things you could do. If the tower is on Cesium ion, you could use the tileset location widget to move it down to the correct height. If the height of the tower is correct, and the Cesium World Terrain is the one that isn’t correct here, you can upload your own terrain to Cesium ion, and it will fuse it with Cesium World Terrain, so you’ll have your high resolution local terrain in that area, but still be able to use the terrain for the rest of the globe.

Let me know if that helps.

To overcome elevation issue we generated local terrain and published to cesium ion. Terrain was fine when generated but looks strange when published to ion and consumed in application. Screenshot of local terrain added to application is attached. Please look into it and suggest solution.

When you uploaded your terrain to Cesium ion, did you select the Ellipsoid as the base layer, or Cesium World Terrain?

From that screenshot it looks like the issue is that it’s merging your terrain with the ellipsoid, which has a much shorter height in that area than is realistic.

Thanks Omar… Elevation issue has been solved by generating our own terrain. But we are facing few more data related issues.
Basically we want to visualize and identify each antenna of a telecom tower. We are preparing telecom tower data in CAD but when we upload this data to cesium ion following are the issues

1). Each antenna is composed of multiple features. We are unable to group each antenna as a single entity. How to resolve this issue?

2). Unable to publish tower structure to cesium ion as tower structure is drawn as a line feature type and cesium ion not supporting other than multipatch features.

Explaining issue in more detailed. Format which we prepared data is dxf format that converted into collada and published to cesium ion. Round antennas are single entities when prepared in CAD software but once published to cesium ion they appear as group of features for each antenna. How can we resolve this issue?

When you say the antennas appear as a group of features on Cesium ion, do you mean they visually don’t look the same as in the original file? Or that you’re trying to individually select/style them but they get styled altogether?

For the lines, if you’re uploading the model as Collada I think it should be supported. Can you tell me the asset ID on ion? I can investigate from our side. If you prefer not to share it publicly you can email support@cesium.com and link to this thread.

Visually appears as a single antenna as like the original file but when we click on it for identifying, instead of selecting the complete antenna it is selecting a part of it. This means single antenna composed of multiple features. The asset ID is 38454 for this case. Also I have mailed the tower data to ‘support@cesium.com’ in dxf format.