Elevation Ramp material for geometry instances

How can i add elevation ramp material to a geometry instance in the given Code with different colors for different heights.

Hi there,

I assume you want an elevation ramp shading the terrain, correct? Try a Globe Material.



yes,i’m able to apply material to the globe,but i want to apply only for a polygon created instead of coloring entire globe.

I think you might need to write your own shader to do that, where you’d pass the world position from the vertex shader, and use it in the fragment shader to set the color. There’s some info/examples on the forum about using custom shaders with Cesium. Here’s a good place to start: https://cesiumjs.org/tutorials/Geometry-and-Appearances/

hi,have you slove this problem

@guangc68 creating an elevation ramp material on a custom area still does not have built-in support in CesiumJS.