Ellipse entity with semiMajorAxis < semiMinorAxis

I want to draw ellipse with semiMinorAxis greater than semiMajorAxis.

I get an error when using an unminified version of cesium 21. DeveloperError: semiMajorAxis must be greater than or equal to the semiMinorAxis. The minified version can handle ellipses defined with semiMajorAxis < semiMinorAxis.

What is you take on this? I can just rotate them, but that seems silly.

If I remove the following from the unminified version, ellipses draw fine when major is less than minor.
(Cesium.js two places, and workers/creatEllipseOutlineGeometry.js and createElliseGeometry.js)

if (semiMajorAxis < semiMinorAxis) {

throw new DeveloperError(‘semiMajorAxis must be greater than or equal to the semiMinorAxis.’);



This is intentional. We have throw this DeveloperError to alert people of possible errors in their data. This also makes it easier for us to draw the ellipse since we know what to expect.

The best solution is to rotate the ellipse.