EllipseGraphics rotation property

The Cesium documentation (version 1.68) states that the rotation of an ellipse is defined as: A numeric property specifying the rotation of the ellipse counter-clockwise from north.

However, when I draw the ellipses, it actually looks like it’s counter-clockwise from east. From left to right, the rotations that I entered were: 0, 45, 90, 135.

In the application that I’m writing, I am being provided the ellipse rotation as CW from North, so I will have to convert it to make sure the ellipses display correctly.

I am wanting to confirm what is the correct answer here since the documentation doesn’t match what I am seeing - CCW from North or CCW from East.

Thank you!

Hi Dana,

The documentation might be talking about the orientation of the semi minor axis, in which case counter-clockwise from north would make sense. But you can also look at it the way you are, which is the semi major axis.