EllipsoidalOccluder is missing: what is the replacement?

I found some code and copied it into my project. It uses:
let occluder = Cesium.EllipsoidalOccluder(ellipsoid, cameraPosition);

but typescript doesn’t like it – thinks it doesn’t exist.

I did a little research and I found this mention to it:

but I believe this is old code. If I search on the documentation linked from the official CesiumJS website, it doesn’t show up.

My question is, then:

  • what has replaced “Cesium.EllipsoidalOccluder(ellipsoid, cameraPosition).isPointVisible(this._position)”?

Hi @LateralSausage77,

EllipsoidalOccluder exists, but is no longer a part of the public API. That means we don’t generate typescript definitions and that the function is subject to change without warning.

If you still wan to use this class, you can ignore the typescript warnings for this class.