Embed video in the Infobox

Hi Everyone,
I’m new to the Cesium Stories creation. I like the infobox and find it very useful, but I would want to take it further by having a video embedded into the Infobox which would be more engaging than text. This could be a YouTube video iframe if needed.
I’m trying to create a map with a lot of heritage buildings and assets, and I would want people to watch a video about this different model as they navigate through the story.


Currently we don’t have support for videos or iframes in the Cesium Stories infobox. The infobox currently only allows for jpg, png and gif media inputs. I have created an internal feature request for the team to look into adding such a feature to their roadmap.


Perfect, I might try to use the GIF for the moment, but the video will bring good value in the future.
Thank you for sharing the request with your team.