Infobox content disappearing

Im creating my first presentation using ion, but finding the content in the infobox sometimes disappears. After sharing the URL and viewing the slideshow, often when going back to ion some content has gone from the infobox! Is there some restriction to number of words for example?

Thanks :slight_smile:

There are no artificial restrictions like this in place.

Can you provide a set of steps to reproduce the problem (or an id to your story if it is publicly shared).


Seems like its fixed itself now after the recent Cesium site maintenance.


Actually problem is reoccurring - heres the link: Cesium Stories

I add content to the infobox, then go back to my Stories, go back in and the content is gone. The content flashes quickly then disappears. Only seems to be the first slide, so I delete the first slide and create another but still the same issue.


Thanks, @Aikiman. I will write up an issue for us to investigate this further and link back to this post so we can update it once we know more.