Enable Cesium for Unreal plugin by default

Hi Alex,

Just wondering is there away that the Cesium plugin for UnEngine stays enabled? Each time I start a new project , it always has to be renenabled.


Hi Roger,

It looks like there is a way to enable a plugin by default. You’ll have to edit the plugin file, though.

  1. Navigate to the directory of your Unreal Engine installation. On Windows machines, this should be C:\Program Files\Epic Games. In the folder labeled UE_4.26, go to Engine\Plugins\Marketplace\CesiumForUnreal.
  2. In the CesiumForUnreal folder, right-click on the file named CesiumForUnreal.uplugin and click “Open With” from the menu. You can open it with any text editor, like Notepad.
  3. Under the line that reads "Installed": true, add the line "EnabledByDefault": true, and save the file.
  4. The file should look like this:

That should make the Cesium for Unreal plugin stay enabled in new projects. Please note that you will have to repeat the above steps whenever the plugin or your version of Unreal Engine is updated.

Thanks Alex. I will try that.


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