Enable GLTF animation

Hello, I have been working through several example sources (here’s the best so far) trying to activate a GLTF embedded animation. I am using Resium+Cesium for the ReactJs components and a useRef to get a handle to the raw cesium viewer. I can loop through the scene primitives but I can’t seem to add an animation.

The GLTF is exported from Blender and passes all the online GLTF testers. I just can’t seem to find out how to activate it.

I’ve attached the GLB file.

import React, {useEffect, useRef} from "react";
import {Cartesian3, Color} from "cesium";
import {Viewer, Entity, ModelGraphics, Model} from "resium";

export default function App() {
    const ref = useRef(null); // raw Cesium Viewer
    let asset = "assets/junk-iss.glb"

    // Wait to grab a handle to the viewer
    useEffect(() => {
        if (ref.current && ref.current.cesiumElement) {
            let primitives = ref.current.cesiumElement.scene.primitives
            let primitive = primitives.get(0)
            if (primitive.length) {
                // Here is where I would like to activate my animation
                return primitive.activeAnimations.add({name: "CylinderAction"});

    }, [ref]);

    return (
        <Viewer ref={ref}>
                position={Cartesian3.fromDegrees(139.767052, 35.681167, 100)}
                point={{pixelSize: 10, color: Color.WHITE}}
                        // this appears to have no affect

junk-iss.glb (32.4 KB)