Entity with GLTF model

I have a simple GLB file that contains a single animation and I would like to trigger that animation in cesiumjs. I used the code below to create the Entity and assign the model but nothing displays. There is a lot of old information out there showing different ways of accomplishing this but none seem targeted a similar version or approach.

I am using cesiumjs (and resium where applicable) to drive a small React app. The app shows a glob and nothing else except my GLB Entity.

Should I do this animation triggering with JS through an Entity and specify model (like below) or do I have to use ModelGraphics. Even better is there a code snippet or example I might take a look at that uses cesiumjs to load a glb file and turn on/off the embedded animation.

Thank you.

    const position = Cesium.Cartesian3.fromDegrees(

    let satellite = <Entity
        name={"Some name"}
        description={"Some description"}
            minimumPixelSize: 256,
            maximumScale: 20000

Hello @gormanst.
You can use this algorithm -
1 find target entity from viewer.entities -
2 for needed entity - set run animation : true
for more information I add screenshot