enableLighting on globe is too dark

With enableLighting set to true on the globe, I've received some feedback stating that the night/dark side of the globe is too dark. The darkness causes some difficulty in making out other items, objects, terrain on the globe.

What's the best way to diffuse or lighten the dark side of the globe while enableLighting is on?

I'm on version 1.2.


I don’t believe there is a way to tweak this yet. In the meantime, you could either


Excuse me, which file should I change the lighting shader similar to #1680? Thanks a lot~

Patrick Cozzi於 2015年1月11日星期日 UTC+8下午11時18分43秒寫道:

It should be here: https://github.com/AnalyticalGraphicsInc/cesium/blob/master/Source/Shaders/GlobeFS.glsl#L165-L178