Light decrease even in day after enableLighting Globe

when i set enableLighting globe would be so dark ! even in parts which is daylight.what is the matter?

Hi @ma_se

Could you share a Sandcastle with an example of what you’re seeing? Recently, there were changes to way the atmosphere is rendered in CesiumJS to make it more physically accurate. You can tweak the parameters to your liking, as shown in this Sandcastle.

actually my cesium version is 1.83. is it something related to the version?
i have no special setting for globe

The recent changes to the atmosphere were introduced in version 1.93. If you’re working with 1.83, I am not sure what may be causing the issue. Would you be able to share screenshot(s) or, even better, a Sandcastle that demonstrates the issue you are running into?

Yes,Of Course.

before enableLighting

after enableLighting

You can try playing around with the following parameters to tweak the “strength” of the darkness fade in/out:

The newer atmosphere rendering system introduced in version 1.93 offers significantly more flexibility, so if possible, I would recommend switching to the latest version of CesiumJS and trying it out.

thanks! but actually i did ! I set these parameters like the sandcastle you mentioned as below:

  • nightFadeOutDistance={10000000}
  • nightFadeInDistance={50000000}
  • lightingFadeInDistance={20000000}
  • lightingFadeOutDistance={10000000}
    and the :

but nothing changed

I am not sure how well that Sandcastle will work for an older version of CesiumJS. On the latest version, I was successfully able to use the nightFadeInDistance to tweak the brightness of the dark side of the globe.


actually the problem is in the light side .when enablelightening is true the light side is getting dark er too

I believe that is by design. When globeLighting is disabled, the light source for each point on the globe is assumed to be directly overhead. When enabled, the light source becomes the sun. So, only the point directly facing the sun is fully “lit” but other areas are not as bright.