Entity clampToGround not working

greetings to everyone.
as you all know, clampToGround: true, its method ensures that it remains stable while printing polygons.

example :
var GeoJSON = await Cesium.GeoJsonDataSource.load(myPolygon, {
** clampToGround: true, **
** });**

but when I want to add an entity and I call the same method again, I don’t see any constancy

the code I wrote :

** position: Cesium.Cartesian 3.fromDegrees(decimalLongitude, decimalLatitude),**
** cylinder: {**
** length: elevationInMeter,**
** clampToGround: true,**
** topRadius: 10,**
** bottomRadius: 10,**
** material: Cesium.Color.fromRandom({alpha:1.0}), **
** }**
** })**

whether or not the clampToGround:true method has any effect on this code does not show any effect.

based on an example found on the sandcastle, I want to clear up what I’m saying



as you can see, as soon as I change the camera angle, there are changes in the position and angle of the entity I want to create. And what I want to do is to see the position without distortion, no matter which angle I look at it from. Thank you in advance for your help