Entity Rectangle Disappears in certain parts of world with 2d, ellipsoid

This one has been plaguing me for some time now, i had a work around but the work around is now no longer useable.
I display image icons on a map using entity.rectangle. I need the images to be draped over terrain or Ellipsoid.
There seems to be an area, that when i try to put a rectangle down, don’t appear and it is the only area it has ever happened to me - very strange. Further to that, it only disappears when in 2D AND ellipsoid. As soon as i change it to 3d or use terrain they reappear.
My work around was to set the height: 0 which worked kind of for 2D, which is the main view i use, but the images looked darker, like it had an overlay, and when i used Terrain, they would disappear.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Location: Lat -19.339043098639443, Lon 146.7942235953388
Also when height is not set to 0, the select box sits up in the air.

This shows when height is set normal material

This is the same with height: 0

And when i remove heigh, and set to 2D AND Ellipsoid


I also replicated the problem on sandcastle rectangles. It looks like when the material is set to an image it disappears in that area. Click the rectangle and focus on it, then change the world to 2D and it disappears