Error loading the Cesium.Widget

From version b-30

I’m getting the following error when trying to load one of vwf’s cesium demos. I’m sure I just don’t have something set up correctly, since a lot has changed since we last had this demo working( I think b24 or even earlier was the last time the demo was working ). I checked the stack and the code was in the middle of loading the Moon object. I was just curious if anyone had any insight into what I might check to see what the problem is.



Uncaught DeveloperError: material with type ‘[object Object]’ does not exist.
at new DeveloperError (http://localhost:3000/agi/test/polygon/47dff4421c291624/vwf/model/cesium/Core/DeveloperError.js:43:19 )
at Function.Material.fromType ……9) localhost:3000/agi/test/polygon/47dff4421c291624/vwf/model/cesium/Scene/Material.js:347

Some of the default materials that used to be included with Cesium are now managed in an extension, see: My guess is that you have a polygon that is relying on one of the removed materials.

If that’s not it; then it’s possible that it can’t find the Assets folder to get the moon texture.