Error thrown when using PolylineOutlineMaterialProperty

So I have ran into an issue when using PolylineOutlineMaterialProperty,
If I have multiple entities that are constantly updating their polylines, and I try to display them using the PolylineOutlineMaterialProperty,

I get an error like this (scroll down for reproduction steps and sandcastle example) :

Here’s my code (instructions follows below)

var viewer = new Cesium.Viewer(‘cesiumContainer’);

// This flag determines which material type to use on a polyline

var isOutlineMaterialUsed = false;

// Keep here the interval id to be able to stop updates

var intervalId;

Sandcastle.addDefaultToolbarButton(‘ColorMaterial’, function () {

// The polyline will use a ColorMaterial

isOutlineMaterialUsed = false;


Sandcastle.addToolbarButton(‘PolylineOutlineMaterial’, function () {

// The polyline will use a PolylineOutlineMaterial

isOutlineMaterialUsed = true;


Sandcastle.addToolbarButton(‘Resume Updates’, function () {

// Start updating the entities

intervalId = setInterval(updateEntities, 2000);


Sandcastle.addToolbarButton(‘Stop Updates’, function () {

// Stop updating the entities

if (intervalId) {

    intervalId = clearInterval(intervalId);



// Create and add a datasource

var dataSource = new Cesium.CustomDataSource(‘myDataSource’);


// Create an array to store the entities, just for easier access

var entityData = ;

// Prepartion code to create entities

var lon = -80.0;

var lat = 40.0;


  • Given an amount, creates entities near each other with a random color


function createEntities(amount) {

for (var idx = 0; idx < amount; idx++) {

    // Move the entity slightly off by longitude

    var currentLongitude = lon + (idx * 0.01);

    var startPosition = Cesium.Cartesian3.fromDegrees(currentLongitude, lat);

    // Add the entity with a point graphics of a random color

    var entity = dataSource.entities.add({

        id: 'entity' + idx,

        point: {

            pixelSize: 12,

            color: Cesium.Color.fromRandom({ alpha: 1.0 }),

            outlineWidth: 2.0,

            outlineColor: Cesium.Color.BLACK


        position: startPosition


    // Store the entity data for easier access later


        positions: [[currentLongitude, lat]],

        positionsCartesian: [startPosition],

        entity: entity,





  • Invoked in intervals, updates all entities to a new position, by shifting the latitude a bit northern from it’s current location.

  • Each time, a point is added to a polyline. This simulates updates from a server


function updateEntities() {

// Iterate over the entity data kept earlier

for (var e of entityData) {

    // Take the last saved position and add an offset to the latitude

    var lastPositionDegrees = e.positions[e.positions.length - 1];

    var newPosition = [


lastPositionDegrees[1] + 0.005


    // Store the new position, and convert to cartesian


    var newCartesian = Cesium.Cartesian3.fromDegrees(newPosition[0], newPosition[1]);


    // The polyline's color will be the entity's color

    var materialColor = e.entity.point.color.getValue(0);

    var material;

    // Create the material based on user's selection

    if (isOutlineMaterialUsed) {

        // This causes a strange buggy behaviour eventually leading to an exception!

        material = new Cesium.PolylineOutlineMaterialProperty({

            color: materialColor,

            outlineWidth: 4.0


    } else {

        // Create a simple color material

        material = new Cesium.ColorMaterialProperty(materialColor);


    // Each update, create a new polyline for the entity, using the accumulated positions,

    // the material created above and a constant width.

    e.entity.polyline = {

        positions: e.positionsCartesian.slice(),

        material: material,

        width: 6.0


    // Move our entity to the new position

    e.entity.position = newCartesian;



// Create two entities to demonstrate the bug


// Zoom to our entities



  1. Run the example

  2. Click ‘Resume Updates’

  3. After the polylines begin to grow, click ‘PolylineOutlineMaterial’ button,

  4. Watch how the polylines dissapear except the first

  5. Click on the point whose polyline have dissapeared - exception!

If I use ColorMaterial, everything works fine. Look at the provided screenshot - when switching to a PolylineOutlineMaterial, the second polyline dissappears

The problem is related to a missing primitive when calculating the bounding sphere inside StaticGeometryPerMaterialBatch class.

I’m here for further explaining if I wasn’t so clear about the issue,



Hello Mati,

Thanks for reporting this! Great code example.

I think it is related to this issue:

I’ve linked your forum post to the issue so whoever looks into the problem can make sure your example is fixed as well.



Thanks Hannah!