Error when rotating several PolyLines in 2D-View


I am displaying several polylines in a 2D-View. Unfortunately, an error is thrown everytime I try to rotate the view with the mouse:

RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded

An example to reproduce the problemcan be found here (switch to 2D, zoom in, rotate…).

It works perfectly well in the 3D and 2.5D views. Any ideas what could be going wrong?



Hello Klaus,

I went to the link you posted but there wasn’t anything on that page. It just said ‘no tracks selected’


Aaargh. Stupid hidden post data. Please try and select the checkbox close to the Cesium icon before clicking it.

Thanks Klaus. I was able to reproduce the crash.
What version of Cesium is the site using?

Could you possibly put together a Sandcastle demo that reproduces the crash? That would make it a lot easier for us to test and figure out what is happening.


Hi Hanna,

I created a stripped down version of the page and in the process removed a rather large library (jqplot) – now I have to rotate the 2D view for quite some time before the error comes up. Unfortunately, I can not put this in Sandcastle due to Same Origin Policies on some resources.

You can find it here:

Another interesting observation: When I initialize the viewer with ‘sceneMode: Cesium.SceneMode.SCENE2D’ as in , the tracks are not drawn.


Thanks Klaus, I’ve written up an issue here:



Thanks again for the report, this is a good catch.

It was fixed in #4619 during the bug bash and will be in Cesium 1.31 on March 1.