Error while installing "Cesium"


I am getting the following error while trying to install Cesium. Help would be really appreciated.

Failed at electron@1.6.2 postinstall script 'node install.js'. This is most likely a problem with the electron package not with the npm itself.

Hi there,

We’d love to help! Can I get a little more detail?

In case you haven’t seen it, here’s our installation guide:

Where are you in the setup steps?


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Thanks for the prompt response but I have got it working.




Hi Amit,

I've been getting the same error.
How did you solve it?


Running into a similar problem. Can you share your workaround for the problem? Thanks! Bob

Hi there, can you provide a little more context? How are you installing Cesium, npm install, source code, zip file?



I figured it out. I am installing on Ubuntu and node.js is installed as nodejs, meanwhile several of the underlying dependencies make the call to “node” and not “nodejs”. To solve the problem I created a symbolic link “node” that points to “nodejs”. At that point the installation proceeded without issue.


Awesome, Bob. Glad you figured it out and thanks for the follow up!

Hi Bob,

I'm glad you got it working.
I'm still having the issue with this.
Do you know how to solve this on Windows?

I'm following the tutorial:
I have Cesium 1.39 installed on Win7.
At step 5, I'm getting these errors:

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Hi Paula,

If you’re running into that problem on step 5 (npm install electron-prebuilt --save-dev), the problem is most likely with the electron-prebuilt package, not cesium.




Thank you Gabby.
What do you suggest in that case?
I thought that if problem is in nodejs, like Bob said, then maybe I can try solve it like he did, but I don't quite understand how did he solve it.

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From your screenshot it appears you are unable to connect to GitHub. The electron-prebuilt package (which is not related to Cesium) downloads binaries from GitHub, so it requires internet access.

(Sorry for newbie questions) So that means I have to install GitHub on my computer? In order to use it in command line


GitHub’s service was down yesterday, you may just want to try again. You don’t need to install anything to download from GitHub.