Error while using kml branch of cesium

This is the error
1.Error: Script file not found: http://localhost:81/cesium-kml/Build/Cesium/Workers/transferTypedArrayTest.js
2.Error: Script file not found: http://localhost:81/cesium-kml/Build/Cesium/Workers/cesiumWorkerBootstrapper.js

) which i am getting after running helloworld.html example of kml branch. I went through the build file and i found this part of code in build.xml.

<exclude name="cesiumWorkerBootstrapper.js" /> <exclude name="transferTypedArrayTest.js" /> <exclude name="createTaskProcessorWorker.js" />

why these js need to be excluded and if they are excluded than why the error for these js files is coming.



You need to run the combine step (i.e. “ant combine” in order for HelloWorld.html to work. Also, I noticed you posted this message in another conversation too. If it was a mistake, don’t worry about it; but in the future please do not post the same message twice.


Dear Matthew,

I will surely keep in mind from next time not to post it another conversation.
I am unable to understand the point you discussed about ant combine in order to HelloWorld.html to work, can you elaborate on this point so that i can follow the instructions given by you.



Information on build targets and other things you’ll need to know if you plan on using a development branch can be found in our Contributor’s Guide.