Errors on swtich from b20 to b26 version?

I am switching to version b26 because I have been told that there are issues with older versions in chrome now. Since I have changed I have had errors in the following 2 lines of code:

var layers = viewer.centralBody.getImageryLayers();

imageryLayerCollection = viewer.centralBody.getImageryLayers();

I have had a look at the reference documentation and tried to make any changes that need them but still can't seem to fix these. Am I missing something that somebody could help point out for me?

Our breaking changes are always listed in

Most of the "get"s were removed recently. For example, try searching the above file for the word “getImageryLayers”


Yeah I had a look at that and changed the replaced words with the correct replacements and still having issues...

Keep in mind that they are no longer functions, they are properties, so foo.getThing() just becomes foo.thing. If you can share some of the actual code giving you problems, we can help you out.

Ah of course! I can't believe I wasn't paying attention to that all good now thank you very much for the help!