ES6 module import throws error after v1.66

Hey all! I am experiencing a strange behavior when importing Cesium as ES6 module in my Angular application. Before version 1.67, the following snippet works correctly:

import { Viewer } from 'cesium';

In version 1.67 I get the following errors:

In version 1.68 I cannot import the module at all:


I believe you need to set up your project to ignore these libraries as described here:

Can you try that and let me know if it works?

@omar yes it worked for version 1.67 ! Thanks very much :pray:. I should watch for Angular related issues in the Github repo from now on :smiley:

The problem in version 1.68 still persists. I will try to reproduce it with the cesium-webpack example and let you know.

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@omar it works ok with the webpack example and I found out that it works also with the Angular CLI. The errors that are shown come from the typescript compiler b/c it cannot find the required types. Overall, it works as expected. Furthermore, I installed @types/cesium package and the compiler errors are gone. :pray: for your help.

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