Extending NavigationHelpButton

Hi, i want to add information to the navigation HelpButton, eg. a right-click to show cartographic mouse position - how do I do that?



Hello Rencia,

You can do this by modifying NavigationHelpButton.js. NavigationHelpButton creates the DOM elements that make up the widget. You can add to and modify these elements without changing the behavior of the widget.



Thanks Hannah! Do I have to do a cesium build to incorporate the new code or do I simply overwrite the Navigation.js and make sure it is included in my Eclipse?

It depends how you’re using Cesium in your app. If you’re using the combined or minified Cesium.js file in your app, you will have to rebuild it. This can be done using the ant targets ‘combineRelease’ or ‘minifyRelease’ (or ‘combine’, ‘minify’ for the debug version)

Thanks Hannah! Much appreciate your help.