Fade-in transitions for 3d Tiles

When using 3d Tiles, is there a way to tell the Cesium renderer to gradually fade in the new set of tiles instead of the abrupt replacement of old tiles with new tiles for LOD rendering.

I would like to be able to set a 0.5 sec or even 1 sec fade in time, over which the new tile gradually changes it opacity.

Is this possible in the 1.49 version?

I’ve been wondering about this too, and I definitely think it would make the loading look a lot smoother and nicer.

There’s nothing in the engine to do this right now, but I think this would be a great aesthetic addition! A good place to start is in the Cesium3DTilesetTraversal class which controls how the tiles are loaded and when the children get replaced.

If you do decide to work on this, feel free to post your progress here or open a PR to get feedback even if it’s still a work in progress. The contributing guide will also be a helpful resource.