Dithered LOD transitions

I know this exists for Cesium for Unreal

I’m wondering if there is plans to add this feature to Cesium for Unity.

I don’t have much Shadergraph experience but while tweaking the tileset shader to add clipping following the guide here I noticed an option in the shader graph (“Supports LOD Cross Fade”) that got me thinking about dithered LOD transitions in Cesium for Unity. Not sure what that setting actually does but thought I’d share.

We’re interested in adding that to Cesium for Unity eventually, but don’t have any short-term plans for it.

Glad to hear I wouldn’t mind looking into PRing this one as well if most of the changes would be on Unity side itself, I’m assuming so since Cesium Unreal already has it implemented, I’m working on strengthening up my shader skills anyhow. Though I can see this being a much bigger task then the other PR I said I could do. This would be on the backburner for me as well but in my free time I could take a look at progressing in this.

Looking at the code I see there is commented out variables for LOD Transitions on the Unity side already, guessing the shader is the only thing left to do for this task?

Outside of plugging the _useLodTransitions in Editor/Cesium3DTilesetEditor.cs, Runtime/Cesium3DTileset.cs, native~/Runtime/src/Cesium3DTilesetImpl.cpp, and Runtime/ConfigureReinterop.cs.

Yeah the material graph needs to be extended to support transitions. There will also need to be some new code to pass the transition value through to the material as a parameter.