Faster 3D models in Cesium 1.10


There’s a new checkbox in the online Cesium model converter to generate a new binary version of glTF. These models load faster in Cesium, especially for models with a lot of geometry.

Check out the blog post for more details:


Thanks Patrick. I think this new feature will be really helpful.

Hi, Patrick

Do you have plan to release the binary-gltf for off-line collada2gltf model converter?

I have converted 10,000+ building models to gltf format, and design a multi-scale LoD scheme for rendering those models.

refer to the website:

The binary-gltf should be helpful for raising the performance.

In addition, I observe the performance is browser-dependency:

IE: higher priority for showing building models,but imageryLayers are shown slowly.

Chrome: imageryLayers first, sometimes are pending for showing building models.

Firefox: balance for imageryLayers and building models.

Have any suggestion?



@Kevin Sun

I wrote a small java/groovy script to convert collada files to binary-glTF using the collada2gltf.exe converter.

You can find the script at

we testet the script with some of our own collada files and had no problems, but we didn’t do comprehensive tests, so use it at your own risk.

Best regards


@Kevin - we do not plan to release the code since it is pretty tightly integrated into AGI’s model pipeline. However, to help binary glTF adoption, I am very interested in someone contributing binary glTF support to COLLADA2GLTF. I would be happy to promote their work.

@Jannes - awesome, thanks so much for sharing this. I added a link to it to the draft extension.


Hi Patrick,

could you please take a look at this issue on the collada2glTF-github website?



Hi Zhihang,

Have you tried the troubleshooting section here:

If there is something wrong with the Cesium online converter, we can take a closer look, but we do not have the bandwidth right now to fix issues in COLLADA2GLTF that do not also affect the online converter.



Thanks for your binary-glTF converter. It works fine for our 3D building models.

The performance seems have been improved!


Hi Jannes,

Today we announced glTF 1.0 and the KHR_binary_glTF extension. Cesium 1.15 will ship with support for these on November 2. It would be great if you could update colladaToBglTFConverter.

See this thread for details.