Feedback on Binary glTF

Now that Cesium 1.10 has been out for a few weeks, I wanted to see if people have started using Binary glTF for 3D models. If so, what feedback do you have?



For comparison:

3D models using Binary glTF :

3D models using glTF :

There is no significant performance improved for our models.

Patrick Cozzi於 2015年6月17日星期三 UTC+8下午7時02分22秒寫道:

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for the links. Nice work here.

Binary glTF provides the most benefit for models with a lot of geometry. Your models look like they have heavy textures and light geometry.

We are going to do more tests soon, but we believe the best approach here will be to use Binary glTF + separate textures so the textures are not gzipped as part of the Binary glTF payload.


I’ve seen most workflows get to gltf through collada2gltf. Since it doesn’t have bgltf support yet, I haven’t used the new format.


Check out

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