The future glTF in Cesium

Hi all,

As part of the 3D Formats working group in Khronos, we announced big news today: glTF 1.0 is entering ratification. The spec is available on GitHub.

This is important to Cesium since glTF is the 3D model format for Cesium and an essential part of 3D Tiles. When glTF is a ratified open standard, we expect significant adoption, including content pipeline tools, e.g., converters, that will be of use to the Cesium community, and glTF extensions, such as compression algorithms and new materials, that will be used in Cesium. If you want to get involved in the glTF community, see how to get started.

This is also a milestone for Cesium since glTF is the first, hopefully of many, standards that Cesium significantly contributed to.

On November 2, Cesium 1.15 will ship with support for:

  • glTF 1.0
  • KHR_binary_glTF - the official Binary glTF format derived from CESIUM_binary_glTF in collaboration with Fraunhofer IGD.
  • KHR_materials_common - a simple material description for Blinn, Phong, Lambert, and Constant materials, and point, directional, spot, and ambient lights.
    For the nearly complete work-in-progress, see #3039.

Also, on November 2, the Cesium model converter will start generating glTF 1.0 with KHR_binary_glTF by default. There will be an option to generate glTF 0.8 with CESIUM_binary_glTF (the current default) for backwards compatibility.

On February 1, 2016, Cesium 1.18 will be released.

  • Support for CESIUM_binary_glTF will be removed. Instead, reconvert models using the official extension, KHR_binary_glTF, or use regular glTF.
  • The Cesium model converter will no longer generate glTF 0.8 or CESIUM_binary_glTF models. We recommend upgrading to the latest version of Cesium and using glTF 1.0 and KHR_binary_glTF. Otherwise, COLLADA2GLTF can be used to generate glTF 0.8.

See #3102.

For the foreseeable future, Cesium will support glTF 0.8 (without CESIUM_binary_glTF).



Cesium 1.15 is now available with support for glTF 1.0. The online model converter now also outputs glTF 1.0.


Awesome work!