Feature/Batch Table for 3D objects

When generating an 3d object and the 3D Tileset manually via Blender (export with the glTF Exporter), this glTF in glb format does not appear to have any attribute values for the objects.

Often I want to output single attributes like name, inaccuracy values etc. in the Cesium Viewer, which should be assigned to single points in the 3D object.

What I miss is a description of how to assign certain attributes to individual positions in a glb or later to a b3dm. Is a feature table or a batch table necessary and how do I get them into the glb/b3dm? With Blender or do I have to add this information later? And above all, how do I add it to the object?

There isn’t currently a workflow for adding metadata in BIM/CAD models in Cesium ion. This is definitely something on our roadmap, you can see the open feature request for this here with some discussion: https://github.com/AnalyticalGraphicsInc/cesium-ion-community/issues/132

In the mean time, one thing you could do is load your additional metadata separately in the CesiumJS scene, either programmatically by creating entities, or by loading a GeoJSON/KML data source. This blog post talks a bit about that: https://cesium.com/blog/2018/11/05/dynamic-3d-tiles-annotations/