How do I create a batch and feature table for models?

How do I create a batch and feature table when exporting my model with Blender as gltf-Model and using the 3d tiles tools to convert it into b3dm?

The shapefile I import into Blender 2.80 contains attributes which should be added to each feature in order so style and query these features.

But every export as gltf/b3dm says there are 0 features.

Unfortunately, I cannot upload the files to Cesium Ion.

I have found out, that the attributes are stored in the b3dm-File for each node at nodes->extras, but how do I access these values with the functions for Cesium.Cesium3DTileFeature or are there other other possibilities? I think the point is, that i need to create Features from my model…

Cesium ion currently only supports creating batch table properties for KML/COLLADA or CityGML source data:

There’s an example here about how the input for KML/COLLADA is expected to look like for embedding per-feature properties:

In case you haven’t seen it, the Cesium ion tiling pipeline is available offline as well:

That glTF you showed with attributes in the “extras” property, was that generated from Blender?

Thanks, where can I download this tiling pipeline to test it?

The exported glTF is generated by Blender, yes. I used the official glTF-Exporter.

You can reach out to and they’ll set you up with an evaluation.

Being able to read metadata like this from glTF is definitely something we want to officially support. One issue is that there isn’t currently a standard for how to embed this data, so I’m curious to hear more about your process here. Were these long/lat’s originally from the shapefile? Did you use any Blender plugins for importing this?

Yes, I have imported a shapefile with its geometry and the attributes into Blender with the included GIS-Import and exported it as glTF. In the glb-File they are kept as JSON, but i guess the pipeline of 3d-titles-tools doesn’t recognize the structure how they were stored in the glb file.