fetch KML with Cesium


I’m trying to view a KML file containing a path of a car on Cesuim;
it appears all very well but placemark line (LineString) that connects all the route or placemark appears 20 seconds after the placemark.

How will cause the path and the placemark to be displayed simultaneously?

Thank you for your answer


The processing happens asynchronously, so there’s no way to guarantee they show up at the same time. However, 20 seconds sounds like an extremely long time for that string to pop in, for such a simple case they should appear almost at the same time. Can you share the KML file for me to take a quick look at? Also, what browser and OS are you using? Are you using the combined Cesium.js, or AMD modules?

I ask because AMD modules in development mode are slower for initial geometry creation but when combined and minified the performance greatly increases.

Hello Amato,

Thanks for your answer!
I am using Windows 8.1 64-bit and Firefox 40.0.3 as browser.
In the module, I use the Cesium.js. Here is the KMZ I use:

1c10c44b-b8f7-4605-bdc9-800a930dde95_i1jhbptzvhbjxrt4bnwfhulo.kmz (13.8 KB)