Field of View Volume

I need to create a field of view volume that originates at a particular lat/lon and is defined by a local azimuth, elevation, and range. Am I correct that there is no way to create this without creating a custom geometry?

Yes. All of the built-in geometries are listed at the top of the tutorial:

Contributions welcome.


Did you ever create a custom geometry for this? I'm needing to do the same thing and wondering if there is something that already exists that I could take advantage of. I'd prefer not to go down the path of creating my own right now but will if I need to.


The Cesium Sensors plugin actually worked for what I needed with the exception of the RectangularPyramidSensorVolumes aren't filled and there doesn't appear to be an included option to do that.

Patrick, do you have any idea how hard that would be to add to the current sensors implementation?


If you know where the sensor intersects the ellipsoid, it is simple to draw a Cesium polygon there. For dynamic sensors, performance will be impacted by the size of the intersection region.