Rectangular Sensor Field of View Calculation


Is there an easy way to calculate the sensor field of view area or Cartesian, Lat/Long, etc. boundary of a rectangular or conic sensor by some of the exposed properties associated with the sensor entity or by some other way using the viewer?

Or does this need to be manually calculated given the satellite altitude and sensor half angles? Attached is an example of a rectangular sensor and want to compute the sensor footprint or area that the sensor is covering the Earth. Perhaps, there is some way to do this using geojson or some other means?

Thank you for looking.


Someone else probably has a better answer, but as you mentioned (half angles/altitude) if you know the angles at the edges of the imager/sensor for the zoom level and the position/orientation of the device in relation to the planet you could use Cesium.IntersectionTests.rayEllipsoid(ray, ellipsoid) to map out a bunch of intersects then connect the dots. There’s probably a function out there that already calculates all of this that I’m not aware of though

I found this:
“When true , a polyline is shown where the sensor intersections the ellipsoid.”
Not sure how one would access the polyline data though.

Note that the sensors are part of the Analytics SDK ( which aren’t part of CesiumJS.

Ya I was starting to think that was the case, sort of like the Cesium premium version. That would explain the Github source links not working, likely set to private.

I know this is old and it is part of cesium ion but I am curious since I am trying to achieve something similar.

Does anyone know a good solution to calculate a sensor footprint out of it’s angles? My brain is melting trying to think a mathematic solution.