find nearby lat long comapring to given existing array of lat longs

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I do have an array of points and am trying to modifying point positions and wanna update.

is there function to compare my lat-long nearby to my existing array or point in the array.

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var viewer = new Cesium.Viewer('cesiumContainer');

var left=new Cesium.Cartographic(78.38197831310224, 17.45121379797181, 0);
var right=new Cesium.Cartographic(78.38207104961079,17.45108616601703, 0);

var match=Cesium.Cartographic.equalsEpsilon(left, right, 0);


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i do have arary of points and am trying to modifying points position and wana update.

is there fucntion to compare my lat long nearby to my existing array or point in array.

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1.39 cesuim, windows10


You can convert your Cartographic positions to Cartesian3 objects with Cartographic.toCartesian. The Cartesian3 class gives you a wider array of functions, including Cartesian3.distance, which will return the distance between your points. If the distance is small enough, you can call those points “nearby”.