Finding a developer to help create "GroundPush" plugin?

I’m looking to implement a feature very similar to that seen in the “groundpush” plugin, linked here:

… the problem is that it no longer works with the latest Cesium, and the developer is not willing/able to update it.

The current implementation is quite complex relying on injecting code into a Cesium shader, and much more complicated than I was hoping for. Certainly more complicated than I think I can do on my own.

Is there another, better way to do this now? Is it ok to make a (paid) “help wanted” post to this forum?



Hi David,

See this thread:

I work for the company that developed the Groundpush plugin. I wouldn’t say that we’re unwilling/unable to update it, but, as you noted, its low level manipulation of Cesium makes it difficult to keep it up to date with each new version. We’re interested in working with folks to drastically improve the subsurface visualization capabilities of Cesium. Ideally that would be robust support that can be incorporated into Cesium itself, rather than a plugin. I’m happy to talk more if that sounds at all interesting to you.



I wish I had seen this earlier. Yes. We absolutely want this feature and are fulling willing to help finance the development. I’ve been corresponding with Craig Sketchley (who appeared to me to be the original developer, or at least the guy who was keeping it up to date.) He was hoping to find time to do this, but is just too busy.

So, I want this done, but my one main concern right now is time.

I need this feature (or some reasonably working version of it) by the end of August. It’s fine if it evolves and improves over time after that, but I need a bare minimum feature set working by then.

I would be willing to pay a single developer at a reasonable rate to do this full-time for the next 4-6 weeks. After that we would have to renegotiate.

How does that sound? Do you have someone willing and able to get going on this right away?

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Other working options exist if you want to do full global subsurface visualization. Here are a few examples in Google Earth and Cesium (animations and link to models)
Google Earth global subsurface visualization:

Cesium global subsurface visualization:

Link to models:

And link to paper if you want to read how it was done: