flickering on globe

Hey there, so I've been messing around with Cesium quite a bit here and I was able to make it spin on an initial load of Cesium, in doing so however, I've noticed sometimes it flickers. I don't know why other than that at that specific camera zoom towards the earth, it does that (i've zoomed in while it's spinning and it doesn't do it. It probably flickers about 70ish percentage of the time but i'm curious if there's a way to solve this issue? below is the code that makes it spin as well as a gif of the flickering.

var isSpinning = true; //default true for launch app rotate
var scene = viewer.scene;

// Add event to rotate camera for globe
function addSpinCameraEvent(){

// Remove event to rotate camera for globe
function removeSpinCameraEvent(){

//rotate globe function
  function rotateGlobeCamera(){
    //if not spinning, spin
    if (!isSpinning){
      isSpinning = true;
      //stop spinning
      isSpinning = false;

//spin camera function
  function spinCamera(clock) {
    if (scene.mode == Cesium.SceneMode.SCENE3D)


Sorry, I wasn’t about to reproduce this. What version of Cesium are you using? And what is your browser, OS and graphics card?



Hi Hannah, I am using version 1.22 on google chrome. I'm using linux mint as my OS with a Nvidea 980ti gpu

upon further investigation it may be a chrome compatibility issue because it doesn't seem to be happening on firefox. I will spend more time digging into this to verify it