Floating polygons and axial extrusions

Im currently working on a project that takes as input annotations from an image and projects it onto a custom mesh imported into the cesium environment. The issue is that the polygons once projected tend to get hidden under the mesh, are there any workarounds to this?

Also when i try to extrude polygons it seems to extend only in vertical direction, is there any way I could extrude it in the direction normal to the plane?

Hi there,

Have you tried Classification at all? I think this would be perfect for your use case. Under the hood, an extruded polygon is created, but that is then in turn used to shade the terrain itself, and should work when an texture or image is applied to the polygon.

Hi Gabby does this work in case the polgons are drawn vertically? Would it shade the terrain then? say it was like one of the vertical surfaces of a building ?


This is discussed here with polylines, but the concept is similar for polygons. Is that the effects you’re looking for?