FlyToTime method in Powder Tracks demo -- where to find?

Hello All,

as many others, I am currently migrating to Cesium (thanks Google :-)).
So far all goes well, but I have now run into an issue which I encountered with the Google Earth plug-in, too:

When moving from a point A to a point B with the Cesium flyTo() method, the camera will describe a kind of "kangaroo jump", i.e. an animation carrying it to great heights before dropping back to the original altitude. This is especially noticeable when A and B are relatively close together.
And if the camera position is updated at relatively high frequency (think "moving map" type of application), this will result in a kind of wobbly motion.

I am aware that this has been discussed before, and in one thread (see link below) Greg Beatty, the author of the fantastic "Powder Track" demo mentions a modified method flyToTime() which seems to do exactly what I am after, namely moving a camera from A to B **at constant altitude**, "without the fancy spline path which is what causes the undesired change in height", as Greg puts it.

However, I am unable to locate this method in any of the Javascript files (all minified) for the demo.

Am I overlooking something?
Could anyone supply a pointer to where to find that method?

Thanks in advance!


Here is the link.
Sorry about that tapeworm, but in the forum message editor I do not see any toolbar, nor a Preview function, nor can I any find in the forum Help pages any hints about formatting (except a reference to a formatting toolbar, but which I don't see :-)...!topic/cesium-dev/Y3CceL-7ZKg

The title of the thread was "Terrain issues while moving a vehicle close to the ground", and Greg's post was from 30/09/2014.